Vinotemp includes fine print within their contracts that individuals sign when purchasing their products, that prohibits the purchaser form criticizing their products. If those terms are breached, Vinotemp them has the right to sue the consumer thousands of dollars for breach of contract.

So, if your unit breaks down during week 1, and you post something about their lack of quality control - you might might be liable for somewhere between $1500-5,000! I know of two people that have been sued by Vinotemp due to this clause.

Be very careful when dealing with this company. Even if you purchase the unit from a upstanding retailer like Costco, the Vinotemp contract is still a part of the purchase agreement and you are still at risk of being sued if you criticize their products.

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Novi, Michigan, United States #1289933

You just lost a sale


Screw 'em .. .they've been suing people for decades, @ the drop of a hat, to no avail.

It's what they do. The old man did it. His "heir-head" continues to do so.

Fine print notwithstanding, anyone can sue anyone - winning is something different.

If you're outside CA, no problem.

If inside CA, S.L.A.P will cost them big bux!

I know ...

they tried to sue me and ended up funding my kids' college education.

Only the easily intimidated are vulnerable.

Who wants to do business with a company or individuals who spend more on legal fees than service and quality control?

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