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I bought a Vinotemp from and the LED went out within the first 90 days. They did replace the unit. Within 30 days, the LED on the second unit went out as well as the cooling element. I contacted Vinotemp and they indicated that only the 1st unit had a 90 day warranty. So, basically, they could replace my unit with a faulty unit without any recourse on my part.

I contacted and they said it was a manufacturer's issue. So, I have a broken wine refrigerator sitting in my garage. These are sold all over the country at Targets and they don't stand behind their product, obviously. BUYER BEWARE!!!

Monetary Loss: $500.

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I will buy broken wine refrigerators. Email: speilberg .

will @ gmail . com


I have a Vintotemp undercounter unit that stopped working. Vintotemp and a tech told me I needed a new evaporator, so I ordered one.

Long story short, I ended up being told that I needed a lot more than the evaporate. I figured it wasn't worth the repair cost, and called Vinotemp to try to arrange to return the unopened evaporator, but they absolutely do no accept returns of parts, unopened or not.

The customer people with whom I spoke (two of them, after I disconnected and tried again after being put on hold for 15 minutes) were rude. I will NEVER do business with Vinotemp again.


I don't think they've improved. I bought a VT32TEDS and it quit after 18months.

Vinotemp sold me a replacement control board ($45) that turned out to be the wrong one and burned out the remaining working parts of the fridge.

Now I can't even get a refund on my $45!!! Their products and customer service is horrible.


There has been a lot of improvement in the Vinotemp coolers recently as far as upgrading their interior parts and suppliers. I just received one of their new 32 bottle coolers and it's working great!


Vinotemp is trash.

I recieved a vinotemp wine bottle cooler about 2 years ago, modle VT 12TEPS. It failed last week, after reading all the blogs it will be trash on Thursday.

Beware of China built electronics

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