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January 13, 2012

Absolute Worst Customer Service Ever Starring VINOTEMP

On December 4, 2011 I finally decided on the perfect wine fridge for my Dad & purchased it for Christmas (after looking for a month.) I made my decision based off of product quality & reviews online. December 11, 2011 the wine fridge was delivered to my Dad. He didn't open it right away since Christmas was right around the corner. On Christmas day he opened the fridge & found the fridge to have multiple damaged spots on it including: a stripped crew, a missing foot pedal, the sides of the fridge was bowed out, at the bottom on the back was a massive dent and at the top on the back was a crushed edge. The Vinotemp box itself was damaged significantly and surprisingly all the damage on the box lines up with the damage on the fridge! However; the UPS box, had zero damage to it!!! On Dec. 26th I called Vinotemp, but they were closed. I then called back on Tuesday Dec. 27th and spoke to Diana Flores over Claims and Damages Dept. Diana immediately got short w/me & told me he only had 5 days from the delivery date to report damage to the fridge (even though it's for Christmas) & there was nothing she could do! So the 16th would have been the last day for him to call about any damage. It didn't make any difference that this was a Christmas present from both of his kids & their families. With her rude tone bothering me I asked to speak to her supervisor. Diana said, "I do not have a supervisor!" I replied, "Unless you are the CEO you have a supervisor." She refused to let me speak to anyone else on the matter. I then told her that Vinotemp is the one responsible since the damage was caused by them & I had pictures to prove it. She then said I could email her the pictures & if she found the damage to be factory damage she might be able to exchange the fridge for one w/o damage. Once she made her decision she said she would contact me by email/phone. On Dec. 28th I sent her 22 pictures of the damaged fridge & Vinotemp box. I waited to hear back from her & NEVER received any response. On January 9, 2012 I called to touch base with Diana & see where she was at w/a decision. She replied, "I don't know, I haven't even looked at the pictures or shown them to my supervisor (the one she claimed she didn't have.) I then asked, "How long do you think it's going to take for response on this?" She told me, "give me 15 minutes & I will get back to you." Once again, I didn't get a response! On Jan. 10th I called her back to follow up & she was immediately irritated that I had called. I didn't know what else to do except keep calling until I got a response (since Diana would not take the responsibility upon herself to call/email me with the results.) Again, Diana got short with me & said, "There is nothing we can do." I said, "What do you mean? The fridge clearly has damage." She replied, "It's all freight damage!" I said, "How do you figure? The Vinotemp box & fridge were the only things with damage! The UPS box had ZERO damage! Diana said, "It doesn't matter! It's past the 5 days!" I then said, "So if you had ZERO intentions of helping me out at all with this, why did you put me through all of this for over 2 wks? This whole thing has been stressful and emotionally draining." She said, "Sorry (almost giggling) there's nothing we can do. I can send you out the parts that have damage that also have replacements for them since you purchased the warranty." I said, "Ok" & the call was ended. I then decided to call UPS since Diana claimed the damage was freight damage. The gentleman I spoke to was more than happy to help me out w/the issue & open up a claim ticket. He said that UPS would come out a max of 3 times to pick up the fridge at my parents house. Once the fridge was picked up UPS would inspect it & decide if the damage was caused by them or not. If they found the damage to be freight damage, UPS would refund Vinotemp the full $338 that was paid for the fridge. At that point I would have to go thru Vinotemp to get a new one sent out to my Dad. However; if the damage was found to be factory damage, then the fridge would still get returned, but not reimbursed to Vinotemp. At that point Vinotemp would have to return the damaged fridge to my Dad (Or send out a new one like he deserves to have.) Once I was finished talking to UPS, I called Diana back to update her on the situation with UPS. Diana said, "We will not be sending a new fridge out until we have received payment from UPS. Course it doesn't really matter what UPS does since it's past the 5 days!" I said, "You mean to tell me that if Vinotemp has a payment from me and UPS of $338 each you still won't send out a new fridge to my Dad?" "Diana said, "I can't help you! It's past the 5 days!!! (Very Rude)" At that point I felt ill because I thought that I finally found a solution to the problem (or at least it seemed that way) & Diana was still unwilling to help me. The next day, Jan. 11th I decided to call Chase Sapphire (the card I purchased the fridge on.) In hopes that something could be done since what Diana was doing to me was wrong on so many levels, I told them my story and all that had happened since Dec. 27th. The two men I spoke to were more than helpful. In fact they both did more for me in less than 10 minutes than Diana had done in over 2 weeks. The both said the "5 days" should not matter when the product is damaged & UPS is willing to pick up the fridge and return it to Vinotemp. Also, they both said that what she was doing is wrong, unethical & illegal. A company cannot receive double payment & still not provide an undamaged product to my Dad. They then told me to go ahead and allow UPS to pick up the damaged fridge & process it how they see fit. In the meantime, Chase would be crediting my card the full $338 & I would see the credit within 72 hrs. Chase would also be investigating this with Vinotemp & most likely revoking the payment that Sapphire paid to them. Both Chase and UPS opened up claims with Vinotemp and would be letting me know what the outcome was for each. I find it very disturbing that I was put through all of that and the length of time it took to reach a solution. I was treated with complete disrespect every single time I spoke to Diana. I would certainly NOT recommend Vinotemp or any of the products they have. Their customer service is Awful!!! Their morals are even worse (Diana Flores fits that description at least!) I do think something should be done about her job description and/or or job position. I know I wouldn't want anyone like her working for my company!!! People may not remember exactly what you say or do, but they will ALWAYS remember how you make them feel!!!!!


Mandi Davis

Monetary Loss: $338.

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